Kalbeliya World is a global solidarity program for artists of the Kalbeliya community in Rajasthan, India. Within our program, we provide virtual content, such as broadcasting weekly online classes live on ZOOM, in-person experiences, educational programs, and homemade crafts. Kalbeliya World seeks to provide stable incomes, digital literacy, and self-employment opportunities for the entire community.

“I went to India in January and I loved learning from the teachers, and being able to continue learning with them online is just great, I’m so happy 🙂 kalbeliya dance is so beautiful, powerful and fun!”

Mirian, New Zealand

“I love the spirit of the dance, the colours, the power and the graciousness! Also I like a lot the different styles and the space for improvisation. When I first accounted Kalbeliya dance, I didn’t know what to expect. It seemed so complicated. But I persisted. The online classes have given a wonderful opportunity to stay in contact with Kalbeliya!”

Angelika, Belgium

“I love the classes. Learning different styles study directly with teachers is a totally beautiful experience. We admire them so much that when we take their class something changes in our dance. We manage to understand and reflect more on kalbeliyas and cultural and artistic context. Teachers are beautiful each in their style and with an amazing personality. I love them!! I love them.”

Cipactli, Mexico

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Upcoming Classes and Events

We organise weekly classes on ZOOM with 12 dancers of the Kalbeliya community from Rajasthan, India. Our teachers live in three different regions: Jaipur, Pushkar and Jodhpur. Click on the link below to see the class schedule. Make sure you convert timing into your own time zone. All our timings are in India Standard Time (IST).

Crafts from the community

The Kalbeliya community has a set of extraordinary handicrafts. They make impressively decorated blankets, which were used as lightweight mattresses in times when they were still nomadic, nowadays we should consider them as a unique pieces of art. Moreover, the beadwork has been produced by women for decorative purposes, from jewellery (earrings, necklaces, head jewellery) to decorative amulets and pomoms.

Kalbeliya blanket - handicraft
Kalbeliya blanket, handicraft, handmade
Kalbeliya jewellery, handicraft, handmade
Kalbeliya jewellery, handicraft, handmade