“You all are crushing it! What a huge undertaking. This is a beautiful project and I’m very proud to be part of it even in my small way as a student. It’s a wonderful artistic and service project. I love the family dance parties, snake cameos (Cobras!), gorgeous music and dancing. We also get to be part of a solution that helps the community and empowers artists. It raises the status of women and the entire Kalbeliya community. Bravo! Looking forward to many more classes and events. It has been a beautiful treasure to be able to connect with so many lovely people from all over the world during quarantine.”

Leslie, USA

an, New Zealand

“I saw kalbelia dance for the first time almost 10 years ago and it was love at first sight. I haven’t had the opportunity to travel to India yet, so Kalbeliya World has been an amazing way to get closer to these beautiful and powerful women. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This really has been the only beautiful thing in this weird year.”

Tamara, Chile

“I love the way you share your culture with people from all over the world.  For me, it is impossible to travel to India, and the classes give me the opportunity to be there for a while learning dance and a culture that I really admire a lot. Thank you for creating this! “

Celeste, Argentina

“I just love the lineup of teachers, almost makes me feel I’m in Rajasthan….. I’m mesmerized by the children doing the dance so naturally and by the amazing live music….. I feel so much connected to it….. Especially proud that the art is celebrated so much. Thank you!!  ”

Akshay, India

“I study kalbelya dance for about 2 years and have much to learn. And to have the possibility to learn and talk to native dancers is an incredible experience! And it helps me not only to dance better but also to learn their culture and costumes.”

Annamaria, Brasil