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By joining Kalbeliya World, you are becoming part of worldwide arts organising, a collective power that is rooted in working across movements and is based on solidarity.

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Kalbeliya World is a solidarity program based on the work of many volunteers. Our volunteers are most often dancers, but that is not a requirement. We mainly need volunteers in tech, marketing and administration. You will have a unforgettable experience and cultural emergence in return.

If you are interested, please send us an email: [email protected].

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We are a start-up programme with a large focus on solidarity projects, including education for children and adults (including digital literacy), female health awareness, and food donations (during the COVID-19 crisis).

All donations are welcome. We accept single donations or monthly donations. Sponsorship includes receiving registration payments, transferring money to India, and accepting tax-deductible donations.

Together with the community, we provide direct help at the grassroots level in three cities and surrounding villages. Our daily contact in the community allows us to know where the emergencies are. Many of the Kalbeliya Teachers have long-running community support programs that they previously self-funded. These programs provide essentials to hundreds of families.

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Corporate sponsorship not only provides critical, sustaining financial support for Kalbeliya World programs, but it also gives your company a unique opportunity for widespread visibility to a market audience. Kalbeliya World works with corporations in a variety of sponsorship formats, including charitable special events and targeted campaign initiatives. Contact us about further possibilities.