Suadevi Kalbeliya
Suadevi KalbeliyaTeacher
Sua Devi Kalbeliya belongs to the region of Jodhpur and has been part of the first generation of staged dancers. She became world-famous after her appearance in the documentary film, Latcho Drom (1993). Sua’s mesmerizing dance in the film set the course for hundreds if not thousands of dancers to make their way to Rajasthan in search of the Kalbeliya dance lessons. Sua is a seasoned stage performer, has toured in multiple countries, and provides dance training in many Rajasthani dance styles. Sua’s energy, dedication, and love shine through in her dance and teaching style. She is thrilled to have an online class and meet new students from around the globe.

Sua Devi said in her rapid-fire interview: “One of the best things about this program is to reconnect with my international students from around the world. Some of them came to visit me in my home many years ago. Through Kalbeliya World, I can meet them again virtually.”

Sua speaks Hindi, Rajasthani and a little English.

Pooja Rajpurohit
Pooja RajpurohitBuddy
I am Pooja Rajpurohit. A professional dancer & fitness expert settled in Bangalore, India. I teach Rajasthani folk, Jazz, Freestyle & Bellydancing.

I hail from a small village named Roopawas in Rajasthan and my association with the Kalbeliyas has been since childhood. Growing up I always admired them and was left in awe with their talent. We share the same roots and learning from them always lights up the Rajasthani in me.

I speak Hindi and English.

Class Schedule

Every Wednesday, 7 pm. IST

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