Rekha Kalbeliya
Rekha KalbeliyaTeacher
Rekha Kalbeliya is a young artist from Pushkar. She has been dancing since she was a child.

In addition to Kalbeliya dance, Rekha dances many Rajasthani dance styles as she is a seasoned stage performer working in the Desert Camp Hotels full time before lockdown. Rekha has a following of international students that travel to the Desert Camps to train with her.

Rekha speaks Hindi, Rajasthani and a little English.

Sanna Soni
Sanna SoniBuddy
Sanna started to explore Rajasthani culture on 2015 while she lived in Jaipur. She has danced since her childhood and tried different styles from east to west. In Indian dances she started with Bollywood and truly got captured by Rajasthani folk dances and Kalbeliya some years ago. Sanna lives in Turku, Finland and also performs in two different dance groups. She also choreographs and teaches Indian dances. Sanna works as puppetry agent and producer in independent field of arts and while she isn’t dancing she usually is exploring in performing arts or knitting. She is 100% foodie and appreciates a good quality (vegan) cakes!

As a person Sanna is warm hearted and energetic and as an buddy she tries to be as supportive as possible for both students and teacher. If you have any enquiries or wishes about class content don’t hesitate to contact her!

Sanna speaks English, Finnish and Hindi (beginner).

Class Schedule

Every Wednesday, 7 pm. IST

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