Morya Sapera
Morya SaperaTeacher
Morya Sapera lives in Pushkar. Being the younger sister of Anita, she grew up with her older sister learning the dance, consequently, she trained a lot in Jaisalmer, where she was working as a dancer during the tourist season. She is passionate about reinventing herself as an artist, both in terms of dance vocabulary as well as appearance – she makes her own jewellery and costumes. For many years, Morya has taught international students from her home and local venues. She has traveled internationally for performances and workshops.
Morya loves sharing her various Kalbeliya styles and movements with her students and is looking forward to meeting her students.

Morya speaks Hindi, Rajasthani and English.

Claudia Llanos
Claudia LlanosBuddy
Claudia Llanos is a professional dancer from Mexico City. Claudia is one of the main representatives of Rajasthani culture in Mexico. Since 2010, she started her training in India living with many Kalbeliya families. She is also a practitioner of Kathak (a classical Indian dance), central Asian and Romaní dances from different regions of the world. She has performed internationally for festivals in Europe, USA, India & México. In her own country, she is dedicated to spread dance through her own classes and also by producing live performances and workshops.

Claudia speaks Spanish, English and a little Hindi.

Class Schedule

Every Wednesday, 7 pm. IST

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