Mamta Sapera
Mamta SaperaTeacher
Mamta Sapera lives in Pushkar and works as a dancer in Jaisalmer during the tourist season. She is one of our younger teachers, but her dance is very powerful and graceful beyond her years. Her students say her specialty is elegance. Mamta is also known for her unique moves and says she creates new moves every year to keep things fresh. Mamta is thrilled to be teaching online and looks forward to connecting with her students.

Mamta speaks Hindi, Rajasthani and a bit of English.

Jazmin Sanchez
Jazmin SanchezBuddy
Jazmin is a Bellydance teacher graduated from the Arabian Dance School Mexico and tribal gypsy style dance instructor. Her career as a professional dancer started since 2010. Her studies in dance include various disciplines such as ballet, Mexican regional dance, jazz and gypsy tribal style and lately Rajasthani dance; disciplines she uses as a base to create the essence of her dance performances. She actively participates in art festivals in some cities of Mexico and the United States as staging as a dancer, and in some others as a choreographer. She organized the Rio Grande Guerrero International Festival, in Guerrero Coahuila in 2017, she was a member of the Kazafy Troupe Mexico in 2019.

Class Schedule

Every Wednesday, 7 pm. IST

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