Aasha Sapera
Aasha SaperaTeacher
Aasha Sapera is the youngest daughter of a Kalbeliya artist family from Jodhpur. She is well-known for the full power “swag” that she brings to the dance. Aasha has performed and toured all over Europe and Asia and beyond. She is known for her many fusion styles in her dance and music. Her creativity is clever and exciting. She has been profiling herself recently as a singer, relearning her community’s repertoire from her parents. She also presents it with a contemporary personal twist. She is about to release her first own album. She has multiple music videos on YouTube already.

She has many international students who adore her and train with her year after year. Aasha is happy to connect with students around the globe and is excited to share her unique style.

Aasha speaks Hindi, Rajasthani and English.

Michele Trenin
Michele TreninBuddy
Michele is a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer since 1994. Her passion and main training are in Egyptian Folklore dance and Gypsy dances of the world. In 1997 she founded ´´Rakaça Templo de Dança´´ for Oriental, Arabic Folklore and Gypsy dances in southern Brazil. Two years later, she began her international career, working for over 7 years as a professional dancer in countries such as Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Arab Emirates, Bahrain and India. While travelling, she had the opportunity to study the dance traditions of these countries and incorporate them into her unique style of dance. Further looking for in-depth knowledge, Michele continues her dance studies regularly in Egypt, Balkan countries, Russia, Turkey and India, where she started her training in Kalbeliya dance. She also regularly organizes specialized dance excursions to Egypt.

Michele speaks English and Portuguese.

Class Schedule

Every Wednesday, 7 pm. IST

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