Artists & Buddies


The artists on Kalbeliya World are the bearers of the arts. They transfer their arts, their skills, methods, techniques and contextualize their cultural background.


The buddies are international dance practitioners with an interest in training with Kalbeliya artists. They provide tech support, marketing partnership and administration. The artists and their buddies learn from each other, they are micro-business allies, and most of all they are friends.

Aasha Sapera
Aasha SaperaJodhpur, India
Michele Trentin
Michele TrentinCaxias do Sul, Brazil
Anita Sapera
Anita SaperaPushkar, India
Claudia Llanos
Claudia LlanosMexico City, Mexico
Gulabi Sapera
Gulabi SaperaJaipur, India
Christine Andrews
Christine AndrewsPennsylvania, USA
Khatu Sapera
Khatu SaperaJodhpur, India
Nalika Kitade
Nalika KitadeOsaka, Japan
Meena Sapera
Meena SaperaJaipur, India
IIona Kolachana
IIona KolachanaHelsinki, Finland
Moru Sapera
Moru SaperaJaipur, India
Ashu Devgune
Ashu DevgunePune, India
Moriya Sapera
Moriya SaperaPushkar, India
Claudia Llanos
Claudia LlanosMexico City, Mexico
Mamta Sapera
Mamta SaperaPushkar, India
Jazmin Sanchez
Jazmin SanchezPiedras Negras, Mexico
Sunita Sapera
Sunita SaperaPushkar, India
Laetitia Quesnel
Laetitia QuesnelParis, France
Raki Kalbeliya
Raki Kalbeliya Pushkar, India
Carolina Rosales
Carolina RosalesSantiago, Chile
Rekha Kalbeliya
Rekha Kalbeliya Pushkar, India
Sanna Karoliina
Sanna KaroliinaTurku, Finland
Suadevi Kalbeliya
Suadevi KalbeliyaJodhpur, India
Pooja Rajpurohit
Pooja RajpurohitBangalore, India